Secure Data Destruction

One of the biggest concerns when disposing of any IT equipment is the removal and destruction of sensitive data. With constant threats to data security, protecting confidential data should be one of your highest priorities

Complete removal of data can be complicated, however we are here to take control and carry out this process for you 

Data Removal Procedure Where possible we will always try to re-use all collected assets

Physical Destruction

The Hard drive is physically dissembled and the platters are placed into our abrading machine, the machine will spin the platter at high speeds whilst damaging the platter making data unreadable & Irrecoverable 

Secure Data Removal Guarantee

All collected drives will be tested , if the drive is faulty it will be physically destroyed . If the drive passes the test but we are not 100% confident the data has been removed during the data overwrite process it will be Physically destroyed

Data Overwrite

Data is overwritten multiple times using software which generates strings of random characters. This makes the data inaccessible and irretrievable. More detail on this process will be included within the support agreement

SSD & M2

With flash storage requiring a slight different method to securely remove all data , we have the tools to securely erase data from all modern flash storage devices .

On-site Physical Destruction Required ? Please contact us . On-site data destruction starting from £1 per asset *

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